Supply Chain

Nothing is more critical to your company’s success than moving products through the supply chain efficiently and cost-effectively. It is not by accident that the most successful organizations nearly always have well-designed and highly effective supply chains.

CRCL provides 3rd party logistics services to help you create value for your company by streamlining and optimizing your supply chain. Using lean six sigma methodology, we can help your business soar by offering the following solutions:

Contract Logistics

CRCL can help determine if your distribution network competitive by ensuring it is of the right size and location. We specialize in non-asset based methods. Our distribution and warehouse management systems can help make this critical but difficult function a strength for you rather than a headache.

Transportation Logistics

CRCL provides a full array of world-class transportation management solutions. At the heart of this is a value-based freight management system that effectively coordinates rates, carriers, and routes. Your solution may include a combination of preferred carriers and brokerage. Our systems are web-based, and are tailored to your specific needs. From carrier management to rate negotiations, we can handle it all.

Kitting/Contract Manufacturing

Kitting is when separate but related items are grouped, packaged, and supplied together as a unit. This is a great time and cost saver for many industries, and CRCL can quickly help your organization take advantage of this technique. Contract manufacturing allows a manufacturer to concentrate on the real reason they are in business…to get the best product to the market faster than their competitors. That’s where CRCL comes in. Development and marketing are your strengths, and contract manufacturing is ours. CRCL is positioned to help you achieve the level of success you’re seeking.

Supply Chain